Photos of NYC from 15,000 ft. (4,572 m)

This is definitely an “Other” category topic. My stepdaughter Andrea has long lived in Harlem overlooking Marcus Garvey Park (aka Mt.Morris Park) from the 25th story. This is a perspective that I view on every visit.

From the 25th floor looking toward Columbia University.
Marcus Garvey Park and north to Yankee Stadium from 25th floor.

Of course, I have been to the top of the Empire State Building and the now-gone World Trade Center. I visit New York regularly and even know a bit of the other boroughs. So I am not unfamiliar with the place.

This morning I stumbled on a series of photos taken by photographer Paul Seibert. They are shown on the website, “Epic Photos of Manhattan Taken from Open Door Helicopter Three Miles High” I was so struck by this completely novel perspective that I have borrowed them and put them here. I suggest looking at them on the largest screen you have available