MMO Running in 5K race 2003

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Mark Orton graduated from The Taft School (Watertown, CT) and holds degrees in Russian Language and Literature and Manufacturing Engineering from Lawrence University and Wentworth Institute of Technology respectively. He has also done graduate work at Cornell University in linguistics and Harvard Extension School in business management. Mark’s work history includes the following positions: machinist, r&d machinist, mechanical designer, r&d engineer, numerous management positions in manufacturing including plant manager, VP Inside Sales and Custom Engineering, VP Marketing. He also worked for a quasi public consulting firm providing lean manufacturing consulting support to manufacturers throughout New England. In 1999 he started a software company, Valuedge, Inc., with a partner, Sherry Gordon. This company was funded by Boeing and later sold. The products continue to be offered by IBM in their suite of ERP tools. In recent years Mark has continued to consult to the owners and CEOs of small companies. More about this work here: Since moving to Hudson NY in 2009 Mark has been very involved with the Hudson Area Library.

This is a photo of me in 2003 at some 5K road race. You can be sure that I was near the back of the slow pack.1

Below is my 2012 headshot for my time as a Trustee of Hudson Area Library (current and 2009 – 2016; President 2011 – 2016).

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  1. 05242013 – must note that after a tennis injury last summer a trip to an orthopod led to the conclusion that my knees are wearing out. I am now limiting my running to just tennis. Walking and bikes only for aerobics, otherwise. My last 5K was the Ghostly Gallop in 2011.