Church for Atheists

I have commented many times that atheists need to develop social platforms (not the web type), social groups, that provide a common space for atheists to come together and share. Every organized religion has some form of Sunday school to indoctrinate children. Parents and other adults enjoy the opportunities for --->> read more -->>

Anonymity revisited – AI

In my June 15, 2020 post, “End Anonymity” I wrote: “Anonymity is a plague in our lives, public and private. The web is filled with anonymous material authored by anonymous creators. Facebook is filled with millions of anonymous fake people who are really, it frequently turns out,  paid actors for --->> read more -->>
Social Nature

Our Social Nature and the Future

I’ve spent more than a year investigating the sources of our species reaction to autocrats, pandemics, global warming and the crisis of global capitalism. Here is a draft of an introduction to the topic. Lots of evolution, anthropology, archeology, neurology and cognitive psychology all rolled up. Now on to understanding --->> read more -->>