illustration by Adam Maida in 8/21/17 New Yorker
political system

Do Protests Work? – Time for Class Warfare

In the August 21, 2017 edition of The New Yorker Nathan Heller writes about the efficacy of protest as a method for social and political change. “Out of Action – do protests work?” raises many interesting questions about protest movements as a means to achieving change. Protected by the First Amendment --->> read more -->>
Deere cotton picker
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Cotton and the Miracle of the Self-Regulating Market

Market Automaticity A central feature of free-market, neoliberal ideology is the automaticity of the market, the self-regulating market. As I describe in my keynote essay, “What Is Market Capitalism and Why Do We Need to Understand It?“: The market mechanism mobilizes capital investment assigning it to best uses, provides automatic --->> read more -->>