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Introduction to American Delusions

This website casts new light on the delusions of American life. It provides facts and analysis to critique thinking that serves to shield activities of those seeking to gain advantage over others. To get started read Delusions of American Life first. Then, see the keystone essay, “What Is Capitalism and Why Do We Need to…


Now when one returns form a trip to another developed country, you can even venture North to Canada to experience this, you return to the US and immediately have the feeling of slipping into a third world country. Roads falling apart. Airports crowded and slovenly. Bridges in disarray and occasionally literally falling down. School and public buildings that are worn out. Even though it might be a bit self-serving coming from the American Society of Civil Engineers, we get a “D+” for infrastructure.

Tea Party Nation – banned me for asking a few questions

Who and What Is Tea Party Nation? I generally don’t have that much interested in fringe weirdo politics. But, with the continuing eruptions on the right wing of the right wing Republican party, I thought that I might investigate. So, I became a member of the TeaPartyNation.com website. I spent maybe 30 to 45 minutes…