The State of Mass Incarceration – 2022

Prison Policy Initiative released a new report on the state of incarceration in 2022.

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Over 80% of those in Local Jails are waiting for trial – they’ve been convicted of nothing other than not having the money to buy their way out of jail.

Drugs still drive Federal prisons.

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The US is Still Number 1

Not to worry that we might have lost our status as the country that locks up more of our citizens per capita than any other country. No, we ares till NUMBER ONE by quite a margin.

We lock up 629 people  per 100,000. Our next competitor is Rwanda at 580. Even our bête noire of the day, Russia, is lagging way behind at 326.  Our developed country cohort is an entirely different matter. France = 119, Spain = 113, Australia = 154, Germany = 70, Netherlands = 60, Japan = 37.1