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New Page – Introduction to AmericanDelusions Topics

In order to make it a bit easier to get oriented to the various topics discussed at AmericanDelusions I’ve added a new page “Introduction to AD Topics“. This provides a quick overview of the 16 topics discussed on AD. It also introduces other features on the website.

New Topics

In the past couple of months, I’ve added some new topics (“categories” as they are known in the WordPress web world):

  • Human Nature – a placeholder for research on how our 300,000 year history as a tribal creature influenced our development at both physical and cultural levels. Further research into how this might inform an understanding of our current behaviors as individuals and societies. I refer to this as the Trump problem. How do we explain why 74 million adult Americans voted for a person whom they had four years to observe? His profound narcissism, lack of knowledge of the world, and willingness to lie almost continuously were on display every day.
  • Technology – the sudden public notice of ChatGPT artificial intelligence signals that big things are going on in the tech world. They will have significant impacts. Existing technology posts are here>>>>
  • Racism – White Supremacy – the addition of “White Supremacy” to this category name signals my understanding that as James Baldwin and others long ago pointed out, racism is a white people problem.


I’ve also been adding visual cues for topics on the home page and at the top of posts. For example:






  1. Bro,
    Not sure adding ‘Human Nature’ as a dedicated topic is going to contribute substantially to your excellent blog. It is inherently quite speculative,

    • Well, when you are trying to explain 74 million Americans voting for Trump after having the opportunity to observe him for four years you have to get speculative. More on this matter in a couple of months. Mark

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