The Waterworks of Money – how money and the financial sector work


By chance, I saw an exhibition titled “The Future of Money” (thru 9.9.2023) at the Art Museum of The Hague, Netherlands in May 2023. The central work is a very large drawing that illustrates the flows of money through the economy. Now there is a video tour of this work with English narration. Given the research I have done over the last six months on how money and the finance system works this video provides a very accurate analysis. It is quite accessible in its language.
Partial selection.

For example, orthodox economics persists in propagating the idea that banks simply act as intermediaries between savers and investors. The video accurately describes how banks create money when they make loans. They mark up the loan recipients account by the amount of the loans and simultaneously create an asset of equal size on their balance sheet. Both the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England have published guides1 to how this works. Former Fed Chairman Bernanke explained this on national tv in responding to how they had found  the money to  bail out Wall St after the 2008-9 crash. He said well you just do it via a keyboard.2 Somehow orthodox economists of the Paul Krugman variety cannot be bothered to learn how banking actually works.

The Waterworks of Money (part 1/2) is available now on YouTube. Part 2 on 6.28.2023 More about this project at


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  2. here is a snippet from the 60 Minutes interview from October 10, 2009: