How America Tortures – a new report with drawings and a movie

 How America Tortures by M. P. Denbeaux, & Seton Hall University. (2019) This report includes eight drawings by Abu Zubaydah, a Guantanamo detainee, illustrating his experiences during torture sessions. Abu Zubaydah is also a figure in the movie discussed below. This report is really a short book, some 95 pages --->> read more -->>

A Window into the Minds of Conservatives – The Bulwark

It is a continuing source of amazement and consternation that most conservatives and evangelical Christians support Trump. So many of his character features would seem to be inimical to both of these groups. We won’t list them here since that is hardly necessary.  Trump demonstrates them on a daily if --->> read more -->>

The Moral Bankruptcy of the Republican Party

AmericanDelusions does not generally comment on the day-to-day political scene. But, the behavior of the Republican Party in recent years has become so toxic to our country that we pause to take note. While attention is focused every day on the depressing narcissistic spectacle of the Trump White House one --->> read more -->>
Boss Tweed on controlling nominating process
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Political Inequality – the other inequality

There has been focus on wealth and income inequality for years. It is a pressing problem for more than 80% of the US population. But there is an other inequality, political inequality, that is at the heart of the more talked about inequality. In 2013 Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig provided --->> read more -->>
illustration by Adam Maida in 8/21/17 New Yorker
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Do Protests Work? – Time for Class Warfare

In the August 21, 2017 edition of The New Yorker Nathan Heller writes about the efficacy of protest as a method for social and political change. “Out of Action – do protests work?” raises many interesting questions about protest movements as a means to achieving change. Protected by the First Amendment --->> read more -->>
Economic Downturn and Legacy of Bush Policies Continue to Drive Large Deficits

Deficits, Deficits – the rhetoric of the forthcoming attacks on the poor

Deficits, Deficits – the rhetoric of the forthcoming attacks on the poor Republicans Create Bigger Deficits Then Blame The Entitled Poor The Republicans have given huge tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations thereby ballooning the deficit by more than $1.5 trillion. Now, they will start making big noises about --->> read more -->>