A lawyer takes ChatGPT to court

If you are still enthralled with ChatGPT in its variations and many competitors, here is an amusing story from the NYTimes: “The ChatGPT Lawyer Explains Himself.” The story details the sad, delusional, ignorant story of Steven A. Schwartz, the lawyer who used ChatGPT to write a legal brief in a --->> read more -->>

AI and Social Proof Processes

Speaking of AI in 2018, Jason Yosinski said, “To a certain extent, as these networks get more complicated, it is going to be fundamentally difficult to understand why they make decisions,” he said. “It is kind of like trying to understand why humans make decisions.” As the mega-monopolies in the --->> read more -->>
Briefly Noted

Noam Chomsky on ChatGPT & brethren

“Roughly speaking, they take huge amounts of data, search for patterns in it and become increasingly proficient at generating statistically probable outputs — such as seemingly humanlike language and thought.” Noam Chomsky, Ian Roberts, and Jeffrey Watumull have weighed in on the ruckus about ChatGPT and its many brethren in the --->> read more -->>