Artificial Intelligence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – recently noted

Just when I thought I could put this topic away for a while, I came across this video by John Oliver. As I have noted earlier, it continues to amaze me that some of the best commentaries come from comedians.

The little note, nearly at the end, of EU efforts to establish regulations to control AI developers is worth a note. We definitely cannot trust AI companies to exercise adequate controls and there appears to be no mechanism for holding them liable for the mistakes that have already occurred and the flood of them to come.

So, take a watch. You will have some laughs along the way…….

This docu-comedy reminds me again of the need for these shows to post their sources. It is a bit ironic that Oliver touches on the fact that current AI generally cannot provide a list of the resources it used nor even how it arrived at whatever blather is at hand. Then we listen to him comment for more than 27 minutes with only occasional knowledge of where his information is coming from. I generally trust Oliver to do his homework. The staff listed at the end certainly suggests that he has the resources to do the work. Nevertheless, show your resources!!