Facebook (Meta) calls for labels on AI-generated postings


The NYTimes reports that Meta is calling for labels on AI-generated posts.

Meta said it would promote technological standards that companies across the industry could use to recognize markers in photo, video and audio material that would signal that the content was generated using artificial intelligence.

The standards could allow social media companies to quickly identify content generated with A.I. that has been posted to their platforms and allow them to add a label to that material. If adopted widely, the standards could help identify A.I.-generated content from companies like Google, OpenAI and Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney and others that offer tools that allow people to quickly and easily create artificial posts.

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This is a start. Ultimately we need to be able to identify the presence of AI whenever it is involved in any way with our politics, education, health, and private lives. Read my post from last October, “Further thoughts on making AI a good neighbor