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Stagnant Wages, New York Times, and Unions

Stagnant Wages, New York Times, and Unions The 1/10/18 NYTimes article, Where Did Your Pay Raise Go? It May Have Become a Bonus by Patricia Cohen takes note of the long term trend of corporations awarding employees bonuses instead of pay raises. Here is the story in one chart: The --->> read more -->>

US Corporate Taxes Higher Than Rest of World?

The Republicans have rolled out their tax “reform”. As predicted earlier in “Trickle-Down Returns to Enrich the Rich – updated” there are ample claims that their plan will boost economic performance for the vast majority of Americans. Additionally we are hearing more about how American corporate tax rates are the --->> read more -->>

Recently Noted about the US Economy – Dynamism in Retreat

“Dynamism in Retreat: Consequences for Regions, Markets, and Worker”, a February 2017 report from the Economic Innovation Group provides interesting evidence that the US economy has been loosing its innovative edge and that the slowdown in enterprise creation is exacerbating regional differences in the US economy. “From 2010 to 2014, five --->> read more -->>