A Strange Sense of “Expertise” in the Cain Case in Milwaukee

This week’s installment of the Republican race for the honor of running for President bought us the eye-rolling scene of Herman Cain rolling his eyes trying to answer the question, “Do you approve of how Obama handled the Libyan matter?”

The media leapt on this as an example of Cain’s lack of knowledge and expertise in foreign policy. What do they think is expertise? If one simply read the daily newspaper or watched the evening news with any regularity over the last year one could readily come up with a range of critiques of Obama’s policy in Libya, none of them expert, though many trenchant and much more interesting than Cain’s fumbling. This as not a lack of expertise in foreign policy. This is an example of a man who clearly is not even involved in the day to day news of world let alone a deep thinker.

In case you missed Cain in action, here is the Milwaukee Journal version on YouTube.