Trump’s Innovations in Governing

The Plutocrat Cabinet

The Plutocrats Have Occupied the White House and Executive Branch

It has been a fact of American life for decades that the rich and corporations control our political system. But this control has been exercised always one arms length removed from the actual levers of power. They have had to be satisfied with setting up their think tanks, hiring lobbyists, and buying politicians. Always they have had to put up with the unsavory influence that the public might have to disturb their plans and obstruct their enrichment. Even as described so eloquently and with such cleverness by Lawrence Lessig in his TED talk, “We the People and the republic we must reclaim“, the rich and corporations were always one step away from hands on control of the government.

The Plutocrat Cbinet

Trump, an innovator in narcissism and lying, is proving to be an innovator in governing too. Trump has brought the rich and corporations directly into the government. When he gathers his cabinet around him he has the comforting feeling of seeing a room full of people who are, with just a couple exceptions, multi-millionaires, a bunch with wealth well north of $100 million. The New York Times published an analysis of the wealth of Trump’s cabinet and other officials, “How Much People in the Trump Administration Are Worth” with useful infographics and charts. Very depressing innovation.

The Cabinet has more wealth than held by over 100 million Americans

The 40 year class war in America has achieved its final objectives. (( The plutocrats are the White House.


Because wealth inequality is so extreme in the US, one Cabinet member, Betsy DeVos who, according to the NYTimes, has at least $580 million in assets, has more wealth than the bottom 40% of Americans.

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