Trump Republican Policy Crimes (some only attempted at the moment)

Trump – Republican Positions and Crimes (some just attempted) against the poor, working and middle class

Not to be obsessive, but the current Trump Republicans effort to cram their bill to pay back their corporate and rich supporters with giant tax breaks has me frothing a bit. I wrote down this list, partial though it may be. Add to it!

  • Proposed repeal of Obamacare without a replacement of equal or greater value to ordinary people. I have written a lot about our healthcare system – here is one article “The Republican Party – vicious at the edges
  • Defunding Children’s Health Insurance Program which will leave 9 million children without coverage
  • Attacks on women’s right to healthcare – Planned Parenthood defunding
  • Refusal in 19 Republican controlled states to expand Medicaid leaving millions with no or poor health coverage
  • Taunting North Korea – potentially startling a war
  • Supporting Saudi Arabia’s vicious war in Yemen
  • Continuing the use of drones to kill people all over the world in the name of the War on Terror – the expensive, counter-productive policy of Bush II and Obama.
  • Expanding our 16 year military/CIA involvement in Afghanistan, a quagmire for two earlier empires, the British and Soviets.
  • Secretary of State who is former head of largest oil company in the world – talk about making the purpose of US foreign policy transparent.
    US State Dept loosing senior officials with decades of experience by the drove
  • Tax cut proposals favoring corporations and rich
  • Tax policies leaving in place the gravy train of corporate loop holes that convert a 35% corporate tax rate into effectively an 18% rate with many large corporations paying NOTHING.
  • Tax cut proposal to attack colleges and university endowments
  • Tax cut proposals undermining graduate education
  • Continuing to justify tax cuts for corporations and rich by claiming that they will invest in America and the economy will grow faster – Trickle Down economics – one of the most thoroughly studied and debunked public policies of the last 40 years.
  • Paying for their give aways to corporations and the rich by inflating the national debt – estimated $1.5 trillion over ten years. Some fiscal conservatives these folks!!
  • Policies to increase income and wealth inequality
  • Attacks on the environment – driving out discussion of global warming, encouraging coal and oil production(see the current opening of Alaska to further oil production rolled into the tax bill in the Senate). Head of EPA is a notorious supporter of polluters and flat earth denier of science.
  • Walking away from Paris Climate agreement
  • Trump’s proposed EPA budget would cut 31% of the agency’s funding, kill 3,200 of the agency’s 15,000 jobs, and cut $129 million from federal enforcement.
  • Cabinet Secretaries who are collectively so rich….. The Cabinet has more wealth than held by over 100 million Americans – see “The Plutocrats Have Occupied the Whitehouse and Executive Branch
  • Nasty, racist attacks on immigrants, especially Muslims
  • Daily Trump tweets that are inflammatory, insulting, racist, nonsensical, terrifying

  • Daily, even hourly, lies and counter-factual statements by Trump bullhorned everywhere by the mass media
  • Support for policies to increase organized religion’s influence over government
  • Dozens and dozens of right wing Federal judges appointed by Trump and approved by the Republicans in the Senate for life time jobs on the Federal bench
  • Refusal (in this case with most Democrats supporting) to do anything about gun violence
  • Failure to do anything about our failing infrastructure – see article about D+ grade – “2017 ASCE Infrastructure Report Card
  • Turning the Internet into a money machine for corporations by changing net neutrality regulations
  • Undermining consumer credit protections by appointing a notorious opponent of protections to head the Consumer Finance Protection Agency
  • Support for white supremacist groups
  • Education policy attacking public schools in favor of publicly funded private charter schools – who is reaping the rewards? Betsy DeVos?
  • Gerrymandering to maintain a permanent Republican majority at state and federal levels
  • Continuing to take millions and millions from corporations and the rich in campaign contributions while doing supposedly doing the people’s business (Democrats are almost universally at the same slop trough.

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